Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles


Do you have carpeting in your house that has seen better days?  Maybe your dog entered a chewing phase and decided that carpet tasted delicious!  Or maybe your toddler decided that markers are way better than crayons!  D & R Floor Covering knows that not everyone can afford new carpet installation or maybe you are a DIY kind of person.  For those reasons, we offer carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares, as an alternative to the standard rolls of carpet.


What is a carpet tile?

If you are a DIY kind of person, you don’t want to deal with a large roll of carpeting when you are trying to install your own flooring.  That’s why carpet tiles are ideal of self-installation.  Plus they are less messy and complicated to maneuver.

·         Variety of designs and styles

·         Easy installation

·         Can be replaced easily if they become stained or worn

·         Entire carpet does not have to be replaced



Carpet tiles are constructed into squares that are 18”x18”.  There are two types of tiles available.  You can choose from adhesive or non-adhesive backings.  Both have their advantages.  It all depends on which style best suits your installation ability.

·         Adhesive Backing – these carpet tiles can be easily installed by peeling the protective sheeting located on the back and affixed into position on the floor.

·         Non-Adhesive Backing – these tiles can be adhered into position on the floor by using doubled sided carpet tape.



Carpet tiles are available in many different styles.  The designs and weaves that are available are as abundant as those of rolled carpeting.  One item to note is that the pile of carpet tiles tends to be shorter than other forms of carpeting.  But, there are still several different grades of thicknesses available allowing carpet tiles to work great in most cases.