Carpet has been a popular option in floor covering for Americans for decades.  There are many reasons for this.  Carpets feel soft, helps to reduce noise and it also helps insulate a room.  Stop in to D & R Floor Covering today to see what we have available for you!


Carpet Facts

Throughout the years, several misconceptions have stopped people from purchasing carpet for their homes.  Instead of just believing these myths, you should take a look at the following facts.  Don’t simply bypass carpeting as your next flooring option!

·         If you have allergies or asthma, scientific studies have concluded that carpet fibers effectively trap potential allergens from circulating in your home.  Allergens are trapped until you are ready to remove them through regular vacuuming.  It can actually help people who have allergies!

·         Extending the life of your carpet requires frequent vacuuming to remove soil particles before staining can happen.  Steam cleaning your carpets every 12-18 months provides the most effective cleaning.

·         Carpet is anything, but boring!  So many patterns abound today such as hounds tooth, zebra stripes and top trends like shades of grey.  It can also be mixed within your house with hardwood and tile to create a beautiful effect.

·         There are many eco-friendly carpeting options available today.  The nylon from carpets can be recycled and remade into new carpet fibers creating a renewable product that helps to keep it from filling our landfills.



At D & R Floor Covering, we only carry the most reliable brands of carpeting.  Let our friendly and reliable installers help make your house feel like a home.  Take a look at these brands:

·         Shaw

·         Mohawk

·         Gulistan