Installation Services



Have you ever stopped to consider the fact that floor covering really has no value until it is installed?  And installed correctly at that!  Why take the chance of ruining your new flooring by deciding to hire a friend who “knows what he’s doing” or trying it yourself when you aren’t sure where to start?  Don’t find yourself in this boat.  You can trust that D & R Floor Covering will NEVER leave your home until your floor covering is installed and installed to the owner, Don’s, high standards!



A frequently asked question we receive is if we have our own installers.  Why, yes we do!  Our professional installers will correctly install your flooring, no matter what type of job it is!  Take a look at what we can promptly install for you.

·         Hardwood Flooring

·         Laminate Flooring

·         Vinyl Flooring

·         Bamboo Flooring

·         Carpet

·         Tiles


Why Struggle?

Flooring installation is hard work and physically demanding!  Who wants to struggle with a large roll of carpet?  Hardwood flooring and tile may come in smaller packages, but it is no less demanding when it comes to installation.  Although installing carpet is easier than struggling with the large carpet roll, installing hardwood flooring and tile is more complicated.  Don’t let the worry of installation get you down.  Let our installers take care of the job for you!