Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is known as emulated flooring because it imitates the look of other, more expensive materials such as wood, ceramic or stone.  Should you choose this flooring option, you are allowing yourself to showcase your individuality while keeping your wallet in check!  Laminate flooring is fabricated from layered materials that form tiles.  Then, a simulated material is printed on top of the tile and sealed with a specialized coating that prevents wear and tear.

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Laminate flooring is recommended for installation in any room of your house!  It resists the wear and tear of traffic most households experience.  And the best part, no polishing or waxing required!  Easy maintenance is every woman’s dream!  Choose from an array of brands at low prices.

  • Wilsonart
  • Mannington
  • Mohawk
  • Formica
  • Amstrong
  • Quick Step


Laminate Flooring = Realistic Looks

Photographers are artists who capture so many images around us!  Laminate flooring takes advantage of this idea and creates fabulous flooring.  The realistic looks of this flooring is created using a process called photographic applique which is applied to the product underneath a clear, protective layer.  This results in a wide variety of realistic looks:

·         Natural wood

·         Pitted metal

·         Genuine stone

·         Exotic hardwood

·         Tile


Advantages of Laminate Flooring

When shopping for flooring, one of the items to consider is pricing.  But, you don’t want to skimp on style either!  Take a look at the assortment of reasons to choose laminate flooring. :

·         Quick and easy installation

·         Entirely affordable

·         Variety of pleasing styles

·         Resists water and stains

·         Accurate depiction of imitated design