Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile


Do you want the latest trend in floor covering?  Are you a person who likes to change their décor when the mood strikes?  Then you should stop in and see Don at D & R Floor Covering to check out the latest movement in floor covering, luxury vinyl tile!


What is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)?

Vinyl flooring has been around for ages, in one form or another.  This resilient flooring imitates the look of natural materials with its realistic images and textures.  Luxury vinyl tile is usually pricier than its vinyl counterparts, but is still a bargain when compared with more expensive flooring options.  Ordinarily, they will range in price from $2-$4 per square foot.  There are some options that can range up to $7 per square foot.  Because luxury vinyl tiles often take on the look of a wood floor, the tiles are usually in the shape of a wooden plank and can vary in size.  Typically, the average plank size is 7”x48”.


Mimics Natural Materials

Materials found in nature are popular decorating trends.  One nice thing about these tiles is the fact that you are not roped in to a lifetime with this flooring.  You can get the expensive look of a stone or wood floor without the price tag to match.  Take a look at some of the options luxury vinyl tile can give you.

·         Stone – slate, travertine, marble, etc.

·         Wood – teak, maple, oak, walnut, and pine