Are you looking to replace the flooring in your kitchen?  Does your bathroom in dire need of a makeover?  Is your laundry room in the throes of remodeling?  Tile is a wonderful option and may just be the option you are looking for!  Stop in at D & R Floor Covering to see what we have to offer today.


What is tile?

Tile is a manufactured material such as ceramic, stone, metal or even glass.  It is hard-wearing and a great option for the moisture-prone areas of your house.  Tile looks fantastic on your floor, walls and showers!  You can get very creative and use it for your tabletops as well.


Location, location, location!

There are so many places where you can install tile in your home.  Floor tiles are tremendously durable and resist water, stain and wear.  And the best part is the fact that they are easy to care for!

·         Kitchen

·         Bath

·         Basement

·         Porch

·         Laundry Room



Tiles come in an array of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes!  The most common size tile is 12” square.  There is bound to be a tile that catches your eye!

·         Mosaic

·         Faux Wood

·         Glass

·         Marble

·         Slate

·         Ceramic

·         Granite

·         Onyx

·         Stone and Pebble